Daniel Hutchinson



Creating digital standards, platforms and services for a global bank during its digital transformation.


In 2014 AnalogFolk was appointed as a digital partner for HSBC. The role included working alongside an internal team governing all digital projects released from the bank.


My initial role was to design a style guide for the banks new design language. After that it then led to creating digital standards, guidelines, platforms and services. Listed below are some of the projects I led and/or created as a Design Director up until leaving in 2017.

  • Animation Guidelines
  • Brand Centre Design and UX
  • Business Banking Website
  • Campaign Website Toolkit
  • Corporate Banking Standards
  • HTML Components
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Platform & Asset Naming Strategy
  • Responsive Grid Standards


This work is currently under an NDA but please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the above in further detail.